Bennetts Hires PIS Staff

Posted on: Monday, March 12th, 2012

Robbie Bennetts has appointed a number of PIS staff as part of a plan to expand his gold coast business.

The former chief executive of Professional Investment Services (PIS) has hired a number of employees from his former dealer group to join his new business venture, Robert Bennetts Enterprises (RBE).

PIS chief information officer Shannon Overs has joined RBE as the company’s new chief information officer.

Former acting PIS chief executive Greg Whimp has also been recruited to RBE as has former PIS national manager, conferences Mark Dwyer and former PIS co-ordinator and personal assistant Melanie Sharpin.

Whimp joins RBE as a consultant responsible for developing opportunities in direct sales of products and services, in conjunction with insurance companies and fund managers.

Dwyer joins the business as chief operating officer while Sharpin was recruited as Bennetts’ executive assistant late last year.

Commenting on the recruitment of PIS employees, Bennetts told InvestorDaily: “It’s not a deliberate intent [to recruit PIS staff].

“We’re growing a business, we have those positions available and people have been coming to me and saying they’ve enjoyed working with me over the years and they like where we’re heading and what we’re planning for the future.

He added that RBE has a number of positions that it plans to recruit for over the next couple of months.

“Our business model has been a little bit beyond our expectations. It’s pretty extraordinary. In our first two weeks we had over 300 approaches, we were thinking we might get 10 or a dozen, but to have that many come in has generated an awful lot of work for us to follow up,” he said.

“They’ve come from every sector of the financial services sector, not just from PIS.”

Bennetts said the company has had strong demand for its available positions.

Calls to PIS for comment were unsuccessful.

Source: InvestorDaily

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